What If?..

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Pianist and Singer-Songwriter, based out of Haifa, Israel. In January 2017 released her debut EP, "What If?.." that was broadcast on major radio stations. Also loves piano improvisation and records unique acoustic piano covers of popular pop, indie, rock and metal songs. Influences include Tori Amos, Coldplay, Muse, Alter Bridge and others.

In "What If?.." album:

Vocals, Piano / Sasha Bakman
Contrabass / Avri Borochov
Drums / Aviv Cohen
Recording / Kichastudios, Tel Aviv
Mix and Mastering /  Johnny's Room

Current Band:

Vocals, Piano / Sasha Bakman
Contrabass / Tom Pe'er
Drums / Iftach Bar


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What If?..

by Sasha Bakman

This debut EP is all about dreams. Loving real and imaginary heroes, living in a private fantasy world and learning to be inspired by the simplest things.

Piano and Vocals - Sasha Bakman
Contrabass - Avri Borochov
Drums - Aviv Cohen
Recording - Kichastudios Israel
Mix & Mastering - Johnny's Room
Art - Inbar Kassavi
Photo - Anton Tal